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Tæt på manden bag 6633 Ultra

Why did you start hosting the race in the first place?

I have competed in many ultra races around the World, including Cold Weather races in both Alaska and the Yukon. When Likeys started 9 years ago, we always wanted to include races as part of our business, so logically a cold weather race was considered a good idea bearing in mind our knowledge of that environment and our love of it.

What are the biggest challenges a runner will have to face?

We have over the years experienced both cold and winds to a level that are not typical encountered in any other race. The coldest temperature we have experience on a thermometer is -58, whilst with windchill, this has been as low as -72 degrees. The winds over Wright Pass (approx. 80km from the start) have been recorded at 100kph.

What type of person enters this race?

Someone who is very confident in their ability and knows how to suffer. This is undoubtedly an extreme race.

What do you think drives people to enter the race?

I think the 6633 is up there with being one of the most difficult races on the planet. It is not a commercial race, so this is no idle boast, it is very tough. So if someone wants to find their possible limits, then the 6633 is possibly the event to find this out.

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